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Medical Mask Distributors is an emergency distributor of medical masks, surgical masks, and N95 respirators from manufacturers in Colombia and other parts of the world. We offer high-quality products currently in high demand by medical professionals around the globe.

We encourage the public to evaluate their immediate need of medical masks and other medical supplies. Please restrain yourself from buying these items in bulk unnecessarily. Read the FAQs

medical mask surgical mask

For protection against pests, dust, microparticles

medical mask surgical mask

We are an emergency distributor with excellent service and fast world-wide delivery      Professional protection is our priority    

medical mask surgical mask

Surgical face mask provides disposable protection
againts inhaled particles. They are available with a latex free earloop
or tie-on variants.

  • Three-ply design protects againts moisture from the outside and
    protects againts 95% of dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and other
    airborne particles.

  • Form-fit deisgns help mask fit countours of the face more securely
    and comfortably.

  • Mask design allows more breathing freedom and comfort.

  • Soft, latex-free earloop for extra comfort during ling wearing periods.

  • Available in three-pleat fold, bidirectional, or ducbill styles.
    Also available in pink, green, white and blue.


What Does A Medical Mask Do?

Medical or surgical masks may protect wearers form particles, fluid release, and other debris, they help reduce the chance of spreading airborne diseases. During flu season, many choose to wear them to avoid infecting others or being infected. Typically, these masks are less effective than N95 respirators, they do not protect the from inhaling airborne bacteria or virus particles.

What is the Difference Between a Medical Mask and an N95 Respirator?

Medical or surgical masks are designed to protect medical professionals from debris, fluids, particles that could possibly contaminate sterile fields. They also protect clinicians and patients from possible pathogen exposure and are effective against droplet transmission. Depending on the size of the pathogen, these masks are less effective with airborne bacteria or viruses.  Respirators usually provide a tight seal that forces the air through filters. They offer the best protection for medical professionals dealing with patients with respiratory illnesses and patients classified as “high exposure risk.” 

How Long Can You Wear A Disposable Face Mask For?

Medical masks can be worn up to 8 hours but mut be dispossed of if contaminated with fluid. 

What Is An N95 Mask?

An N95 respirator filtrates airborne particles efficiently. This protective respiratory device fits very close to the face, forcing the air through filters. 

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